mettal welding
  • Worcester Manufacturing Welding “puts it together” with robotic welding solutions.

    Robotic welding at Worcester Manufacturing brings increased efficiency, improved weld quality, and a more refined appearance. Up to faster 4 times faster than conventional welding, Robotic welding delivers predictable results that consistently meet high visual appearance and/or strength requirements. Our multi-axis Robotic Welding Cells also reduce waste compared to the with rejection rate of traditional welding. This can often lead to a lower total cost while achieving superior welding results.

  • Mig Welding for speed and efficiency.

    Metal Inert Gas or “MIG” Welding at Worcester Manufacturing uses an inert gas and a spool of welding wire that automatically feeds to the point of weld. The wire melts and fuses metal pieces and seams together, working well on a variety of metal materials that includes mild steel, stainless steel, and even aluminum. Mig welding is very fast, and allows the fusing of a wide range of metal thicknesses, from very thin sheet metal to thick, structural plate stock.

  • Tig Welding for critical fusion control (TIG).

    Tungsten Inert Gas or “TIG” welding—sometiomes referred to as Gas Tungsten Arc Welding or “GTAW,” is also a Worcester Manufacturing specialty. Tig welding uses a tungsten electrode and tungsten inert gas shield to form a weld puddle at the intersection to be fused. Our TIG welding is the most versatile type of welding we offer, but also the slowest and therefore usually the most expensive of our welding processes. Tig Welding is perfect for combining thinner gauge materials, because power can be adjusted to a low setting to prevent melt through on the parent or base metal parts. With higher power setting and use of filler wire, we have the ability to weld almost any alloy, while working within a wide range of fits and thicknesses.

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