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Worcester Chrome Furniture:
our high-quality “specialty furniture frame” division.

Worcester Chrome Furniture references the division of Worcester Manufacturing focused on delivering turnkey, high-quality furniture fabrication solutions. Our ability to bend, drill, press, weld, plate, finish, and assemble metal tubing and stock has made Worcester Chrome Furniture a “MA vendor of choice” for leading commercial furniture companies companies looking to outsource the structural components most crucial for their end-product success.
Worcester Chrome Furniture specializes in fabricating components and frames that are chrome plated, nickel plated, powder-coated, and specialty coated to stand up to the vigorous use and abuse associates with high-level commercial furniture use.
Whether you are in need of just a specialized assembly part — of a completely formed, finished, assembled, and packaged product that combines third-party components — Worcester Chrome Furniture is capable and ready to become your commercial furniture manufacturing partner.

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