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  • Fabricating your parts through powerful & efficient Metal Stamping

    Metal Stamping to fabricate your metal part or component is a “hole in one” at Worcester Manufacturing! From short prototype runs to thousands of scheduled pieces weekly, our skilled operators and up-to-200 ton presses, press brakes, and shears up to 8' are capable of producing precision metal stampings in any form. Stamping can be used with virtually any metal alloy including hot rolled steel, cold rolled steel, stainless steel, tempered steel, aluminum, brass, copper, bronze, and also specialty alloys.

  • Cost- and time-efficient Dimpled Punching

    Dimpled Punching is the the most cost-effective process for making holes in parts. Dimpled punching presses a hole without the use of an internal support die. The result is a hole with a dimpled depression that provoides the counter-sinking of a flat or oval head fastener WITHOUT an additional secondary operation.

  • Highly Controlled Mandrel Punching and precise, versatile Drilling.

    Flush or Mandrel Punching — The use of a support die behind the surface being punched results in a clean hole with no dimpled or bending distortion. This metal punching process is more costly than Dimpled Punching — but less costly than secondary drilling.

    For applications where punching is not practical, we offer single and multi-spindle drilling capabilities. Square edge holes, mid tube holes, short runs, and drilling in complex configurations are all part of the advanced drilling services we offer.

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