Independent Plating—our trusted metal plating and finishing division

Independent Plating is Worcester Manufacturing’s trusted Metal Finishing Division. For over 75 years, Independent Plating has delivered innovative metal finishing solutions that consistently exceed expectations, while always meeting project-crucial schedules and budgets.

Located within the Worcester Manufacturing campus, Independent Plating capabilities include:

  • Chrome Plating - Decorative chrome, tri-chrome, and hard chrome electroplating machines capable of handling large parts like furniture frames and other complex assemblies
  • Nickel Plating - Automated plating lines allows precision control of the Nickel Electroplating _process to achieve a Bright Nickel finish or an Electroless Nickel Coating.
  • Zinc Plating - (Rack/Barrel) Provides corrosion protection with a non-cyanide process in a variety of chromates which are RoHS and Reach compliant. Available finishes include Clear Zinc Plating and Yellow Black Zinc Plating. Black Zinc Plating is also available.
  • Electropolishing - Electro-chemical electropolishing for stunning visual results that go “beyond the surface.”
  • Powder Coating - An unlimited variety of finishes for diverse part shapes and sizes using conveyer and batch system automation.

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