manufacturing strengths

5 smart reasons to let Worcester Manufacturing fabricate your next metal part or formed component!

1. Unique Metal Forming Capabilities

75-plus years of continued growth in manufacturing is reflected in our unique, resourceful, fast capabilities. Expertise in Rotary Tube Bending, Vertical Tube Bending, Metal Stamping, Dimpled Punching, Flush Punching, Metal Drilling, Metal Swaging, Metal Cutting, Metal Curling, Notching, Prepping, Metal Plating, Coating, Finishing, and Assembling are all available to meet your volume, deadline, and confidentiality needs.

2. Turnkey Fabrication Solutions

Our expansive 140,000 square foot manufacturing facility houses a complete suite of services for true under-one-roof solution convenience. Whether you need component fabrication or complete product contract manufacturing, we can provide concept review and advice, product fabrication, finishing, assembly, QA inspection, packing, shipping, and inventory monitoring, all with timely precision.

3. High-level Quality Assurance

From inspecting raw material quality, fabrication sizes, and variation tolerances to monitoring angle accuracy, plating thickness, assembly & finishing quality, secure packaging, and more — we incorporate QA checkpoints at every crucial step. We then maintain those checkpoints throughout the manufacturing process to ensure precision consistency from the operation to the last.

4 . Partner-Oriented Service Approach

Work with us, and you gain a “Metal Fabrication Solution Partner” dedicated to making any and all “manufacturing concerns” go away. We appreciate earning your business — but appreciate even more the fact that we've earned your trust, and will do whatever necessary to keep it.

5. Competitive Pricing

Our lean operating procedures, central New England location, and 75-plus years of “metal manufacturing with efficiency” experience all translate into securing and delivering a superior end part or product—faster—and for less.

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